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Why Critical Thinking is Crucial for AI [AI Today Podcast]


The widespread adoption and use of generative AI means that folks no longer need to be an expert in “hard” skills such as statistics & probability, calculus, or linear algebra to get value from using Generative AI. Instead, the need to use soft skills such as communication, curiosity, problem solving, and adaptability is becoming more important. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer discuss the growing need for critical thinking skills.

What it means to have critical thinking

Critical thinking is the skill of obtaining a solid, reliable, and as accurate an understanding of information as possible, and then using that understanding to make sound decisions. This involves carefully examining information, questioning assumptions, and ensuring that conclusions are supported by strong evidence. In this episode we discuss why this is important when using and interacting with AI models.

Improving your skills

When it comes to soft skills, it’s a lifelong learning journey. In this episode we discuss how you can continue to improve on these soft skills. Approaching AI interactions with a healthy dose of skepticism is essential. Question your assumptions and evaluate whether the information processed by AI systems makes sense. Identify the assumptions being made and seek evidence to support or refute them.

Show Notes:


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