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Who is on the AI Team? [AI Today podcast]


Who is on the AI Team?

Not too long ago, the world of AI users and AI developers and engineers were very different. Now, with generative AI the power of AI has fallen into the hands of many more people at the organization. As a result, the scope of who is on the AI team has broadened as well. In this episode of the AI Today podcast Cognilytica AI Experts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer share the broadening roles of AI teams at organizations.

Everyone is now …

Your team is now expanded beyond the previous class of high-skills driven talent and even further beyond more casual AI users to include those who are involved in aspects of keeping AI systems trustworthy and reliable.

Legal, regulatory, ethical, responsible, governed, and transparency requirements are causing organizations to broaden the idea of the AI team. It now goes beyond the narrow groups focused on line-of-business or product needs. It include groups responsible for privacy, compliance, risk, ethics, governance, and even aspects of intellectual property licensing and management.

This means that the modern team is much broader and complex than the previous “research-y” teams that comprised data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data engineers. AI has broadened outside of this almost niche aspect of technology to be much more all-encompassing. AI is a team effort, and everyone is on the team now when it comes to AI. We dig into this in great detail on the episode.

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