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Unlocking the power of Communication with AI [AI Today Podcast]


Effective communication is vital for enhancing both human-to-machine and human-to-human interactions with AI. Clear communication ensures more accurate and optimal outputs from AI systems. Additionally, AI tools can improve our communication skills by helping us better articulate and present our ideas and creative needs. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer continue with the soft skills series and discuss the soft skill of communication.

How do I communicate with AI?

Being an effective communicator is essential when it comes to working with AI systems, particularly generative AI. In this episode we discuss why clear communication skills are essential for improving interactions with genAI systems. Any why being specific and communicating well-defined inputs lead to more accurate AI responses. Providing detailed prompts, using prompt patterns, and specifying detailed parameters like target audience, key points, tone, style, and visual details, ensures the AI produces the desired results. This is why this soft skill is critical.

How AI is helping us be better communicators

In this episode we also discuss how AI is helping humans become better communicators. AI-powered language translation is helping humans communicate with others who don’t speak the same language. Additionally, AI writing and grammar assistants are helping improve writing quality by providing real-time edits for grammar, style, and tone, making communication clearer and more polished.

Show Notes:

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