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Reduce the risk of potential lawsuits and reputational risk

Enhance trust with your clients, customers, constituents, and employees

Comply with emerging laws and regulations around AI and data

Make practical, trustworthy AI a reality for your organization today.

Cognilytica Trustworthy AI Workshop

In Cognilytica’s three-day, on-site, team-based Trustworthy AI Framework Workshop, you will take practical steps forward to make Trustworthy AI a reality

Align your teams on key Trustworthy, Ethical, and Responsible AI concepts and terms

Develop a practical, implementable, organization-specific, comprehensive Trustworthy AI Framework that addresses key considerations for ethical, responsible, governed, transparent, and interpretable AI systems

Actionable checklist that provides guidance to different stakeholders for application of the Framework to different phases of AI project development

Development of controls, practices, procedures, audits, and regulations in the way that AI systems are built, deployed, managed, monitored and changed.

Who trusts Cognilytica for AI & Data best practices?

Understand and Align

Align your team on key Trustworthy AI concepts

Align your teams on key trustworthy AI concepts and terms so you’re all speaking the same language and moving forward in the same direction to reduce risk, enhance trust, comply with laws and regulations, and build reliable AI systems. 

The Trustworthy AI workshop helps align your team on:

  • The Latest, Up-to-Date Trustworthy AI concepts, laws, and regulations
  • Five major areas for consideration when building ethical and trustworthy AI including: 
    • Ethical AI
    • Responsible AI
    • Transparent AI
    • Governed AI
    • Interpretable & Explainable AI
  • Emerging and existing global AI laws and regulations
  • Alignment with existing risk and other frameworks for AI and data

Comprehensive, Practical, Implementable Trustworthy AI Framework

Develop Comprehensive Trustworthy AI Framework

During the Trustworthy AI workshop your team will develop a comprehensive trustworthy AI framework tailored for your organization that can be utilized and continuously iterated by your organization for ongoing ethical, responsible, and trustworthy AI operations. 

Using Cognilytica’s Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework as a guide, your comprehensive trustworthy AI framework:

  • Creates a trustworthy baseline for all AI Projects
  • Provides organization-wide guidance and structure for all trustworthy AI and data activities
  • Provides guidelines for adapting, extending, and continuously iterating your framework

Your customized framework is yours to own, keep, extend, and maintain after the workshop

Actionable checklist to align actions & outcomes

Actionable checklist to guide organizational Trustworthy AI practices

During the workshop, teams will develop a checklist to provide guidance to users and stakeholders about what needs to be accomplished in each phase of an AI project, using your tailored framework as a basis.

The checklist is a  companion to the Framework that provide additional details on each project phase to align expectations and team members and track progression on Trustworthy AI objectives.

Process-specific Checklists guide teams through:

  • Identifying which roles and teams need to be involved at different phases of an AI project to ensure trustworthy AI goals
  • Determining which practices and processes should be followed for different trustworthy AI layer concepts and at different phases
  • Measurable outcomes and metrics that determine how the organization is performing on trustworthy AI goals

Provide visibility and transparency into how you are handling Trustworthy AI

Development of a Trustworthy AI Statement

Providing visibility and transparency into how you are handling all the aspects of Trustworthy AI engenders trust with your customers, employees, partners, shareholders, users, and stakeholders. A key deliverable as part of this engagement is the development of a trustworthy AI statement that reflects the key aspects of the Trustworthy AI Framework and checklist that you developed during the workshop.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to develop a public-facing Trustworthy AI statement to provide visibility and support of its Trustworthy AI activities to all your important stakeholders.

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