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The Rise of Agentic AI [AI Today Podcast]


Generative AI has significantly influenced content creation, data analysis, and interactive communication, but there is a growing need for intelligent systems to perform tasks with minimal human input. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer dicuss the concept of Agentic AI, including what it is, and why it’s becoming popular.

What does Agentic mean in AI?

While limited intelligence approaches for automation have been around for several decades, notably Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is primarily focused on repetitive user interface automation operations, there has been a desire to use the great capabilities of foundation models and LLMs to perform more intelligent automation tasks.

As defined by OpenAI, it represents a new wave in the AI market, capable of pursuing complex goals with little supervision by leveraging foundation models and LLMs. These systems autonomously execute intricate tasks, adapt to changes, and resolve issues, handling diverse inputs and outputs across various languages and contexts. The self-optimization and advanced reasoning capabilities of Agentic AI mark a major advancement in intelligent process automation, promising to streamline operations across industries.

What are agentic workflows in AI?

In this episode we explain the evolution from RPA to AI. While currently in its infancy, companies are exploring the use of Agentic AI in a wide range of applications. One increasingly common application is to help with IT support and help desk ticketing issues, especially when handling repetitive inquiries such as password resets, software patches, trouble ticketing, and problem diagnosis.

We are also seeing greater use in human resources applications handling routine payroll, employee on-boarding, and benefits management. HR teams are also using agentic AI to handle a wide range of workflows and administrative tasks from handling inbound inquiries on expense reports and travel to providing guidance on benefits and employment related issues.

While Agentic AI is still in its early stages, similar to the nascent phase of fully self-driving vehicles. However, the rapid development of Agentic AI capabilities, coupled with the strong organizational desire for truly intelligent automation, is set to usher in a new era of advanced intelligent automation.

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