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The People Side of AI: Interview with Ian Beacraft, Signal and Cipher [AI Today podcast]


The people side of AI is changing. Generative AI is reshaping how teams brainstorm, collaborate, and embrace the future. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Ian Beacraft who is CEO at Signal and Cipher, and also CPMAI certified.

Is AI helping or hurting society?

In recent years the idea of responsible, ethical, and trustworthy AI has gained a lot of attention. During this interview Ian shares innovative ways that he is working with teams of all backgrounds to apply generative AI. Particularly, he shares some of the topics he finds helpful to focus on such as brainstorming and collaboration among teams and how AI is changing the game.

Can AI and humans coexist?

To stay modern and relevant, teams and organizations need to adopt AI. But how exactly do you go about doing this. Ian shares examples of some of the people-centric issues around adoption of AI, what you need to be careful of, and AI is going to impact the future of work. Because, at the end of the day, the people side of AI is what’s going to matter most.

This podcast was recorded as part of the AI Today @ SXSW 2024 podcast activation. This podcast is sponsored by Intel, the spark for the dreamers who do. They dream of a life with no diseases, of cleaner, greener, more reliable energy  of advancing education by bringing AI everywhere.  Intel is the spark to start something new. To know that no dream is too daring when you have the right foundation. It starts with Intel. Learn more at

Show Notes:

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