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Vinay Malkani

Chief of Engineering, Figure Eight Federal

Vinay Malkani is a technology innovator who utilizes 25 years of industry experience and his propensity for blending technology and business to create solutions that solve a variety of complex obstacles occurring in today’s business arena.

Starting his career at IBM, Vinay has grown his portfolio of experience in Government and Commercial market automation to span through Robotics, Energy, Medical, and Business Intelligence.

Currently, Vinay serves as Chief of Engineering at Figure Eight Federal, LLC (a subsidiary of Appen). His focus is ensuring our clients are successful in their Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence deployments. Figure Eight Federal was an early leader of Human and Machine teaming to create the highest quality model training data; Vinay has now expanded the Figure Eight Federal Platform to become the industry gold standard tool for data enrichment in both SaaS and on-premises environments.

Vinay has recently relocated from San Francisco to the Washington DC area with his family and they are taking advantage of walking along the Chesapeake & Ohio canal and exploring the local museums.

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