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Vignesh Shetty

SVP and GM, Edison AI & Platform at GE Healthcare

Vignesh brings 20+ years of experience in leading product development and has a strong background in infrastructure and new product introductions.

Vignesh is currently the SVP/GM of Edison AI & Platform at GE Healthcare based out of Milwaukee.

Vignesh leads a Product & Engineering team that focuses on building both the

  1. Edison Health Services Platform. This versatile platform ensures clinical workflow centric deployment of digital applications in the Healthcare space and is available on-premise as Edison Health Link which comes in various computational form factors. The health services platform is also available on data center and as a cloud deployment.
  2. Clinical and Operational AI (ML/DL) based retrospective, predictive and prescriptive analytics/applications to:
  • Creating tools and AI models that run on devices, edge or cloud, data center for a variety of clinical outcomes
  • Reduce wait and appointment times without sacrificing clinical quality
  • Increase access to patient care
  • Improve scanner utilization
  • Improved patient safety

Prior to this role, he was based in Chicago, & led a team focused on streamlining operational/clinical workflows using Computer Vision, Voice NLP, and ML based protocol recommendations for Imaging and LCS.

Prior to his assignment at GE, Vignesh spent 16 years at Cisco in various roles, including co-leading an internal startup at Cisco building an optical access platform from scratch to penetrate the Web-OTT segment, leading to $350M sales annually.

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