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Ümit Mustafa Kiziltan

Chief Data Officer at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada

Ümit Kiziltan has been a Public Service executive since 2006, leading multiculturalism, citizenship, and refugee health policies and operations. Prior to being appointed as the first Chief Data Officer at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in 2019, he was the Director General of Research and Evaluation at IRCC for 9 years, leading research data development, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. Before joining the Public Service, Ümit worked in academia and for civil society organizations and First Nations in community based indigenous control of indigenous education and international development. Ümit is currently preoccupied with the increasing fragility of liberal democracies across the world, which fuels his commitment to improving access to quality data and evidence-based analysis in support of effective and accountable public policies.

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