Tony Sanchez

Technical Director, Government at Veritone

About Tony Sanchez

Technical Director, Government at Veritone

While serving 13 years in the US Air Force and AF Reserves as an Intelligence Analyst, Tony began his career as a software engineer for BAE Systems developing image processing and analysis software used throughout the DoD and Intelligence Community (IC). After leading several system engineering efforts on programs such as DCGS-N and Worldview2, he transitioned into IRAD, business, and product development roles where he cultivated a desire for identifying new cutting-edge solutions to solve complex imagery and geospatial analysis problems.

Tony’s interest in data steered his career toward entrepreneurial ventures in semantic natural language processing (NLP) and all-source (multi-INT) information extraction and correlation where he could apply his passion for creating new ways to automate analyst workflows to enhance decision making. As a consultant, Tony continues to provide data science pipeline expertise in the extract, transform, and load (ETL), machine learning, and data cleaning processes. Tony currently serves as Technical Director, Government at Veritone where he is able to expand his vision by applying Orchestrated AI solutions to help solve big data problems in the government. Tony is also an avid traveler, climber, and cyclist and recently spent several months in Nepal where he achieved a personal goal of climbing Mt. Everest in the Spring of 2017. Tony's educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a professional certification in Data Science from Georgetown University

Presenter's Sessions

Predictive Analytics and Data

One of the seven patterns of AI, predictive analytics is being used in many areas of government to help humans make better decisions. Some examples of this pattern being applied include assisted search and retrieval, predicting some future value for data, predicting behavior, predicting failure, giving advice, and intelligent navigation. The idea is that it helps to make better decisions, providing augmented intelligence capabilities. Machine learning is what is helping to make the decision, adapting over time to provide better results.In this panel we’ll explore how various agencies are successfully applying the predictive analytics pattern of AI.

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