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Srinivasan Sankar

Enterprise Data & Analytics Leader at Hanover Insurance Group

Srini is a visionary leader with broad and progressive experience in Data Enablement Strategy, Analytics and Data Science. Srini has demonstrated success guiding organizations to transform their businesses by leveraging mature, modern, and emerging technologies. Srini’s areas of expertise include AI/Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Analytics, Augmented Data Management, Data Mesh, Blockchain in Data and Analytics, Cognitive Systems, NLP, Data Lakes, Data Governance, Digital / Data Strategy Roadmap & Blueprint. Srini establishes deep partnership with the business units and aligns data strategy to business priorities, financial goals. Srini frequently speaks at various CDO, CDAO conferences, workshops, and summits. Srini currently serves as Enterprise Data & Analytics Leader for The Hanover Insurance Group in Boston.

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