Shariq Ahmad

Head of Technology, Data Collection, Morningstar

About Shariq Ahmad

Shariq Ahmad is currently serving as Head of Technology for Morningstar’s Data Collection group. He’s worked on many different products throughout his career at Morningstar. He believes data is the electricity that powers everything they do. As Head of Technology, Shariq realized quickly that they needed to do more in bringing in higher quality data faster. They started incorporating Machine Learning into the Data Collection workflow to add scale and speed to process data faster. Prior to joining Morningstar, Shariq worked at the Chicago Stock Exchange as a Developer working on their trading systems. Shariq holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering and an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago.

Presenter's Sessions

Automating Data Collection at Morningstar

At Morningstar, we’re leveraging Machine Learning to collect financial data on many different instrument types across global markets. A task that had been executed manually in the past is now becoming highly optimized to deliver scale and quality by leveraging Machine Learning. We’re building a self-sustaining model improvement lifecycle that includes automated continuous feedback collection, retraining and deployment.

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The Ethical Side of Data Usage – Industry Perspective (Panel)

Machine learning requires data, and organizations of all types and in different industries have lots of data that is useful for many very important tasks. However enterprises are finding that there are concerns and restrictions on how that data can be used, shared and applied. This panel will explore the ethical side of data usage from an industry perspective.

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