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Sanjay Gupta

Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration

Sanjay Gupta joined the U.S. Small Business Administration in January 2017 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from the private sector. Sanjay is a business driven, results oriented leader, adept at leveraging technology to innovate and deliver results quickly. He brings to SBA an exclusive combination of experiences as a CIO/CTO, Managing Partner Consulting, and as a Research Analyst.

As SBA’s CTO, Sanjay has led major 90-day transformations in each of the last four years. These modernization initiatives with inter-agency collaboration have not only benefited the SBA but have also informed change across the federal government landscape.

Throughout his career, Sanjay has led business/IT transformations across industries. He brings extensive global experience across industries in areas such as IT Strategy, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Architecture, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Agile Development and Open Source.

Sanjay has authored over 20 research white papers focused on advice and guidance for CIOs/Boards. He is a recognized industry thought leader, keynote presenter, speaker and author.

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