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Robert Audet

Partner, Data Management at Guidehouse

Robert Audet is a partner and the Data Management Leader in the Advanced Solutions Segment with over twenty years of experience primarily advising Chief Data Officers (CDO’s), Chief Information Officers, and business leadership across different industries on maximizing the value of an organization’s data assets to drive strategic and operational decision-making.  Robert specializes in information strategy, data strategy, office of the chief data officer operating model design, data management maturity assessments and strategic planning, business intelligence and data warehousing, data governance, data quality programs, and has a deep understanding of the Federal Data Strategy and Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act.


Robert is viewed as an industry leader in data disciplines, and has well established relationships with many CDOs, speaks on data-related topics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) CDO Symposium, and has authored multiple data-focused articles on and the CDO Magazine. Prior to joining Guidehouse, Robert led various projects helping organizations such as Kaiser Permanente IT, Microstrategy, WellPoint, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and Providian Financial to better manage and leverage data as assets.

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