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Ranyah Salous

Associate Director Solutions Data Analytics at Guidehouse

Ranyah Salous is an Associate Director at Guidehouse LLP with the Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation team. In her time leading the Intelligent Automation Public Sector team, she has worked with clients across segments to establish an enterprise approach to advanced automation and artificial intelligence, including the establishment of strategic goals, program governance, change management, and continuing the evolution of automation technology.

Ranyah led efforts to automate manual tasks, increase process efficiencies, and free-up resources to work on higher-value initiatives. In addition to automation and application delivery, Ranyah has worked with agencies and firms to lead and establish the mission and vision for low-code solutions across the enterprise by setting up RPA and Data Analytics Centers of Excellence. She is an organized, effective leader and communicator who stays on top of cutting-edge technology and best practices to provide strategic value in digital transformation.

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