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Megan Yarbrough

Research and Marketing Associate, Cognilytica

Megan is an experienced marketer and industry connector. As Research and Marketing Associate with Cognilytica she coordinates vendor market analysis, conducts market analysis and outreach, compiles analysis on industry and sector research across all coverage areas, and coordinates vendor outreach and market data collection activities. In addition, Megan manages the Cognilytica communities and events, facilitating client, sponsor, and attendee relations. As a highly organized planner, she has helped grow the Cognilytica community to an international group of thought leaders, influencers, and practitioners in the emerging tech, data, and AI and ML spaces.

Megan has deep experience in the healthcare sector, with responsibility for managing patient, medical staff and administrative relationships, facilitating communication in a fast paced, high stress environment. Megan worked in outpatient care managing intake/outtake schedules, office finances, and assisting in IT needs. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Florida and graduated with her Masters of Science in Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol.

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