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Mark Sears

CEO – CloudFactory

CEO – CloudFactory

Mark Sears is CEO of CloudFactory, a managed platform, and workforce helping tech teams train and augment their AI models. He began his career as a software developer, working forSun Microsystems and later growing and leading tech startups in Canada and the UnitedStates.

After Mark visited Nepal and saw firsthand that talent is equally distributed but the opportunity is not, he founded CloudFactory. It is a company with a mission: to connect one million talented people to meaningful work where together we can earn, learn, and serve our way to become leaders worth following.

In 2008, Mark founded CloudFactory and has led it from startup to growth, including $78 million in venture capital investment and expansion across four continents. Today, CloudFactoryprocesses millions of tasks a day for innovators building everything from self-driving cars and cashier-less checkout to precision farming and cancer detection algorithms.

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