Manu Sharma

Founder & CEO, Labelbox

About Manu Sharma

Manu Sharma is an engineer, designer and entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of Labelbox, the industry leading training data software that is accelerating global access to artificial intelligence. For over 5 years, Manu has designed and built products used by thousands of organizations at highly transformative companies such as Planet Labs and DroneDeploy. His interests range from artificial intelligence to clean energy, aviation and space exploration.

Presenter's Sessions

How to build world-class AI applications with Labelbox

During the session, we’ll be covering:
– Some best practices for AI in Production
– Produce demo and overview
– How a training data platform helps you optimize data labeling costs
– How Labelbox helps AI-focused product leaders get to production faster
– The specific features that will help you decrease costs, improve automation and collaboration for your ML products and projects.

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