Josh Beard

Federal Sales Lead, Labelbox

About Josh Beard

Josh is a sales and business development leader who has spent his career building relationships between transformative technology companies and US government customers.  Prior to holding sales and leadership roles at VMware, AppDynamics and Markforged, he began his career as a software developer and architect at IBM, receiving two patents for early work on wireless systems.  He is currently the Federal Sales Leader at Labelbox.

Presenter's Sessions

Dealing with the Cultural Change involved with Data and AI (Keynote)

In this keynote Jose Arrieta, Former CIO and acting CDO at the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) will share his experiences dealing with the cultural change involved with AI, data, and transformative technology. He will share how as CIO and interim CDO he dealt with key issues around data security, data privacy, data transparency, and sharing data with integrity. He will share how AI and data force organizations and agencies to focus on those topics, and why it’s so important to have meaningful discussions around these topics.

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