Jared Webb

Chief Data Scientist – BlueConduit

About Jared Webb

Jared Webb has worked since 2016 as a member of the University of Michigan research team that used machine learning to locate Flint's lead service lines. He has served as Chief Data Scientist since the formation of BlueConduit. Jared received his Undergraduate/Masters in applied mathematics from Brigham Young University, where he focused on the mathematical foundations of machine learning models

Presenter's Sessions

Visualizing and Communicating the Water Pipe Replacement Program in Flint, Michigan

In this session, we’ll discuss how a predictive algorithm helped the City of Flint focus their service line (water pipe) investigations in the areas at highest risk for having lead or galvanized steel service lines. We’ll discuss our work (in progress) to create a public map using best visual data and public health communication practices that, when completed, will allow Flint residents to visualize the predictive model outcomes and the pipe replacement progress in the city.

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