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Dr. Marc Sebrechts

Division Director, National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dr. Marc M. Sebrechts (currently workings as Division Director of the National Science Foundation) has a broad range of interests in Cognitive Science. His research examines the use of technology in learning, both as a means of understanding how people learn, and as a method for improving on existing approaches. His research broadly covers visualization and virtual reality as they apply to understanding and navigating through space. His current areas of research include visual search processes, spatial aspects of survival processing, planning and complex prospective memory in virtual environments, virtual learning of spatial relations, intolerance of uncertainty and working memory, video games and executive function. Support for his research has come from NSF, ONR, NIH, and NIST.


Sebrechts completed a B.S. in Psychology and Philosophy at Georgetown University, followed by graduate work at the Higher Institute of Philosophy of Louvain University in Belgium and the Inter-University Centre for Post-Graduate Studies in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. He earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at Yale University.


He established one of the first Cognitive Science programs in the country at Wesleyan University, and he is a founding director of the Cognition and Virtual Reality Laboratory at The Catholic University of America.

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