Dr. Denisha Allicock, DrPH

Public Health Strategist – MTX Group, Inc.

About Dr. Denisha Allicock, DrPH

Public Health Strategist - MTX Group, Inc.


Dr. Denisha Allicock's main focus as part of the strategy office is to build out and inform MTX digital offerings around public health, COVID-19 response, accounting for MTX client’s long term needs around public health response.


Dr. Allicock received her Doctorate in Public Health at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia with a concentration in Community Health Behavior and Education and a Master of Public Health in Community Health, concentration in Health Promotion and Health Education. She has over eight years of health education and health promotion experience in research projects and evaluation of health education programs. In addition, Dr. Allicock's background includes hands-on public health initiatives in preparedness planning, training in cultural competency for mental health organizations, palliative care-engagement initiatives, and health promotion activities in the community and academic settings

Presenter's Sessions

COVID-19 and the Data Lake: How Maverick AI can Assist Monitoring and Tracing to Predict the Next Outbreak

AI has the capability to leverage large amounts of data to make predictions and do analysis. This capability will be especially useful to address the COVID-19 pandemic, with the ability to conduct early disease monitoring to predict future outbreaks and control further spread. In this session, hear from panelists and learn about how MTX Group, Inc. is leveraging Maverick AI and the Data Lake concept to help states control the pandemic.

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