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Das Nobel

CEO – MTX Group, Inc. 

CEO – MTX Group, Inc.

Das Nobel, Chairman & CEO of MTX Group, established MTX as a strong partner in the digital transformation journey across government agencies. He is tirelessly focused on growing MTX as a culture based organization where people are the most important asset in this digital transformation journey. It enables the entire organization to understand the larger vision of the government agencies and deliver values for agencies with high impact and results.

Das’s vision is to contribute to the technological singularity path with the Artificial Intelligence Platform. A strong believer in building business through client relations, Das founded MTX as a global implementation partner to help organizations become a fit-enterprise by migrating to cloud technologies. In a constant effort to embrace the latest and best, Das later invested inbuilding Maverick Platform, MTX’s very own Artificial Intelligence platform. Maverick is aimed at enabling clients to accelerate their digital transformation with actionable insights by leveraging a Cognitive Decision Engine, a collection of purpose-built Artificial Neural Networks designed to leverage the power of Machine Learning.

In addition to being a tech powerhouse, Das is a motivational speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs and leaders. Das also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the cybersecurity program at Rutgers University.

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