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Bennett Gebken

Senior Program Analyst – Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

Senior Program Analyst – Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)


Bennett is a Senior Analyst for Security, Data, and Infrastructure with the Office of Business Integration in the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). As a Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan, the mission of the VBA is a personal one and he strives to use his technical knowledge to improve the delivery of benefits to veterans.


In his current role, Bennett works as a technical lead and project manager on a wide variety of key IT initiatives throughout the VBA including multiple projects involving Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition, systems integration using API’s, and other AI technologies. Bennett prototyped the VBA’s first Machine Learning application and collaborated with OI&T in order to get it into production and received the 2019 Gears of Government Team award for this project.


Bennett is currently finishing up his last course for his Masters in IT Management from the University of Regis and is extremely interested in exploring new use cases to better serve veterans using Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and other innovative approaches to improving government programs.

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