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Augustine “Gus” Walker

Senior Director of Product Management – Veritone

Gus (Augustine) Walker currently serves as a Senior Director of Product Management for Veritone overseeing a business unit focused on providing AI products and services to law enforcement, legal and government agencies.

He also spearheads efforts to develop a platform that can evaluate AI Models across a spectrum of capabilities to provide accuracy, and performance metrics, identifies their potential for bias, and to help uncover model vulnerability. This application is targeted towards nontechnical users to help them better understand and trust AI by surfacing the factors that influence a model’s decisions to help foster trust and explainability.

His past roles at Veritone have involved managing teams working on the micro services and data repositories used to store and distribute the cognitive results of media and data processed by aiWARE’s AI ingestion components, as well as the creation of the tools and services needed by internal and external AI application developers.

He also researches, analyzes, and provides thought leadership in the machine learning sphere.

Gus studied at the Information Technology Institute and has held several positions as Senior Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Architect and Senior Product Development manager in several IT and analytics-based companies leading up to his current position at Veritone.

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