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Ahmer Inam

Chief AI Officer (CAIO), Pactera EDGE

Ahmer Inam is Chief AI Officer (CAIO) at Pactera EDGE where he leads organizational transformation using artificial intelligence and human-centric design principles. He uses design thinking and AI innovation to build future-forward AI-enabled digital products that help the world’s top brands deliver lovable experiences to their customers. He is an official member and contributor on the Forbes Technology Council where he publishes his thought leadership and expert opinion on a variety of topics such as:

  • ¬†Intelligent Process Automation with Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • AI Products and Solutions (Personalization, Recommendation, Forecasting,
  • Segmentation, Fraud Detection, etc.)
  • Smart Retail and Consumer-Centric Digitalization
  • AI-Driven Language Services (Globalization, Localization, Translation, NLP/NLU)
  • Data and Analytics Modernization Strategies and Technology Implementation
  • Ambient Experiences (Conversational AI, Immersive Reality (AR/VR/Voice/Text), Environmental Experiences)

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