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Soft Skills for AI: Why Collaboration is Key for AI Success [AI Today Podcast]


Soft skills are increasingly becoming important for AI, and in particular Generative AI. Collaboration can accelerate learning, creativity, and innovation. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer discuss the critical skill of collaboration.

Why Collaboration skills are needed for AI

In this episode we discuss why collaboration skills are important to improve your interaction with AI systems. By collaborating with others you can improve your prompts and prompt skills. You can also learn what applications are a good fit for AI. Additionally, you’re able to get more diverse perspectives on how to leverage AI systems by talking to different people at your organization in different groups and different roles. Also, you can learn from people from different industries.

How AI is helping us become better Collaborators

On the flip side, AI can also make us better collaborators. Generative AI can generate a vast array of ideas and solutions, serving as a creative partner in brainstorming sessions. It can also help facilitate remote collaboration. With the rise of remote work, generative AI can enhance virtual collaboration tools, making remote meetings more interactive and productive.

Show Notes:

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