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Soft Skills for AI: The Necessity & Enhancement of Creativity with AI [AI Today Podcast]


Creativity is a uniquely human trait that allows for the expression of individuality and a range of emotions. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer continue with our soft skills series discussing creativity.

AI, especially generative AI, is transforming personal and professional tasks like writing, report generation, and image creation, making them easier and more accessible. This technology enhances human creativity, unlocking new potentials and augmenting ingenuity. Creativity remains an essential skill in the age of AI, driving innovation and collaboration by enhancing interactions with AI systems and boosting human creative abilities.

Why Creativity is needed for AI systems

Creativity is essential for effectively interacting with AI, especially generative AI, as it enhances the quality and relevance of AI outputs. In this episode we discuss why innovative thinking in crafting specific prompts leads to diverse and compelling results. For instance, a detailed and imaginative prompt can inspire the AI to generate more engaging content or create more detailed images. This interplay between creative ideas and AI demonstrates how creative prompts can unlock the full potential of AI systems.

How does AI help in creativity?

Additionally, AI can help us be more creative beings. Prompt engineering encourages creativity by allowing low-stakes experimentation with various ideas and tools. Studying successful prompts from peers and colleagues and sharing your own within your organization fosters a creative environment, providing diverse inputs that spark innovation. Each prompt interaction should be seen as a learning opportunity. It enables you to refine techniques and discover new uses you may not have otherwise thought of.

Show Notes:

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