Challenging The Status Quo to Avoid AI Failure

Thu. October 06, 2022 @ 11:30 ET

Featured Guest Speaker: Sahab Aslam, Associate Director, Global Data Science & Analytics Products at Merck


Did you know that at least half of artificial intelligence projects fail to deliver on their intended results to the business? Despite having clear data and intelligent data scientists on your team, your AI project will fall apart if your team ignores crucial factors. In turn, this leads to the team’s overall frustration, financial hardship, lack of morale, and discourages the team from adopting AI for other future opportunities and challenges. Just because you’ve done something one way in the past, doesn’t mean you should continue to do it that way going forward. Sometimes you need to Challenge the status quo to see real results. Join this talk as  Sahab Aslam, Associate Director, Global Data Science & Analytics Products at Merck discusses how to look for key factors in AI projects, what questions to ask early on in an AI journey to help with project success, and other critical factors to watch out for.


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