Evolving MLOps Landscape: Addressing the Topics that Keep You Up at Night

Thu. April 30, 2020 @ 13:00 ET

What is ML Ops all about? Why should you care about ML Ops? Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer  frame the subject as well as discuss the market for MLOps including findings from their most recent report on this subject. They will also discuss why it’s important for organizations and agencies to manage their models once in production and insights into how to go about doing this.

Josh Elliot, Head of Operations at Modzy will share how a solution like Modzy can help with issues around speed, scale, security, and the growing emergence of shadow AI. He will then provide a demo of how Modzy works to help give attendees a more hands on view of the technology.

In one hour, we’ll cover a lot of territory including introducing the area of MLOps, standard auditing, versioning and security, to the new area of shadow AI. Our experts will give you the straight story on governance and navigating AI ethics right now, including answers to the questions we field daily.

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