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This demo showcases how anyone can use ThoughtSpot’s search capabilities to explore their data and answer their questions. A notional inventory planning dataset is used to show how to see historical and forecasted performance numbers. All this is combined with a Covid-19 cases dataset to showcase how you can search against multiple types of data very easily in order to compare and contrast them. Throughout the demo, SpotIQ (ThoughtSpot’s AI-driven insights engine) automatically delivers insights in the forms of anomalies, trends, and correlations to the user.

About ThoughtSpot:

The world’s most innovative enterprises use ThoughtSpot to empower their organizations with data-driven insights using search and AI. ThoughtSpot is simple enough for anyone to use, yet built to handle the largest, most complex enterprise data. Agencies are using ThoughtSpot to reduce their time and cost to analyze data, more rapidly responding to data calls and supporting their digital transformation efforts.

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