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Labelbox offers a training data platform for machine learning teams to manage, annotate, and iterate training data for world-class AI applications. In this demo, we’ll walk you through the Labelbox platform and show you how quickly you can create projects and start annotating high-quality training data. We’ll show you how to manage ontologies, use our image and video labeling tools, and measure labeling quality and performance. About Labelbox: Labelbox is an end-to-end training data platform that is used to create and manage high-quality training data. The platform provides fast labeling tools, collaboration features, and supports any data type (e.g., images, videos, text, etc.) Labelbox is built to serve as the single source of truth for training data and supports large organizations with customizable labeling interfaces, deep API access, and strong security controls. With Labelbox, organizations can build higher-quality AI intelligence products by labeling data with internal and external teams simultaneously, reviewing annotations collaboratively, and gain full visibility into labeling activity and progress.

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