AI-Focused Vendors

by rschmelzer

AI-Focused Vendors are helping to push the industry forward in a rapidly changing industry. Organizations of all types are making AI a priority to improve processes, empower workers, increase efficiency, and help stay ahead of the competition. With the industry and world changing at a face pace, technology vendors need insights into how markets are changing, guidance on evolving customer needs, and increased influence on buyers who face complicated choices. Cognilytica can help.

Do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • How do I build support and buy-in from companies for my product or service?
  • How can I get insight into what AI deals are actually happening in various industries?
  • How are other companies marketing their products and services?
  • How can I showcase our thought leadership?
  • How do I get my team up to date on the latest AI methodologies, terminology, and understanding?
  • How can I connect with my peers to stay up to date on best practices?


Cognilytica offers a variety of different options to help with your AI-focused marketing, analyst, and research needs.

CogAccess: Research and Intelligence to Support your Team and Marketing Goals

Cognilytica’s CogAccess gives you access to the latest industry-leading market research reports, industry case studies, insights into what others in the market are doing, and participation in best practices roundtables and more to help you take your AI success to the next level.

As part of the CogAccess subscription you get access to all of the following:

  • Comprehensive AI and ML Market Research
      • Cognilytica industry reports and market research
      • Case study library with focus on implementations
      • Regular webinars and sessions providing deal intelligence
      • Insight into what peers and competitors in space are doing
      • Educational library to get you up to speed on AI concepts
      • Market intelligence covering over 6000 AI vendors
  • Opportunities to Interact with Potential Customers
    • Accelerating adoption of AI by sharing best practices and insight from others also implementing AI
    • Roundtables focus on helping organizations apply AI to various projects, walk through problems, help find solutions, and learn from peers and industry leaders

Webinar Series: Show off your thought leadership to a targeted audience

Want an opportunity to showcase your products and services in front of a virtual audience of key decision makers, influencers, and innovation thought leaders? Cognilytica’s webinar series helps you do just that. Each webinar highlights one AI focused vendor who will have the opportunity to demonstrate their technology and showcase their innovative offerings. This regular webinar series is geared toward innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies.

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    Marketing Bundle PackageWebinarPodcastParticipating in Round TablesCase StudiesAI Demo ShowcaseAI in Government SponsorshipOther visibility opportunities

    AI Demo Showcase

    Want an opportunity to demo and show off your technology in front of an audience of key decision makers, influencers, and innovation thought leaders? Cognilytica runs a demo series called the AI Demo Showcase that highlights innovative companies with unique and innovative offerings in front of a worldwide audience. This regular event series is geared toward innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies in a show-and-tell format.

    The AI Demo Showcase has a virtual component for companies to present their technology in a show-and-tell style format with an option to also present at an in-person event.

    Key Details:

    • Presentation length: 30 minutes (15 min live demo, 15 min Q&A)
    • Virtual Audience: International audience of 18,000+ industry and government influencers, decision makers, and technology innovators.
    • Access: Live-streamed and recorded for replay downloads
    • Q&A session: Interactive
    • Leads: All demo registrant information from live session and replays for one (1) year

    AI Today Podcast Participation

    Cognilytica’s AI Today podcast is the premiere podcast covering AI, cognitive technologies and implementation focused on real world use cases cutting through the hype and noise around AI. The AI Today podcast is one of the top 5 AI-focused podcasts getting 50,000+ listeners every month. Hosts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer regularly interview top AI, machine learning, and cognitive technology leaders from organizations, government agencies, thought leaders, and research institutions throughout the world. We’d love to add you to this list of participants!

    Get More Bang for your Buck! Bundle Discounts

    Are you interested in taking advantage of more than one offering? If so, reach out to Cognilytica today to discuss bundled pricing options.

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