Cognilytica AI & ML Training & Certification

by rschmelzer
Cognilytica AI & ML Training & Certification

The Leading Vendor Independent, AI & ML Project Management-Focused Training

Cognilytica’s AI & ML Training is recognized around the world as one of the best AI & ML real-world training for project managers, procurement and acquisitions professionals, and those looking to lead and run AI, ML, and Cognitive Projects. We offer a wide range of training catering to different requirements and audiences, offered both in-person and self-paced online courses.

CPMAI™ AI & ML Project Management Training & Certification

The CPMAI methodology is the industry’s best practice for AI & ML projects. Cognilytica’s CPMAI training and certification prepares you to succeed with your AI & ML efforts, whether you’re just beginning them or are well down the road with implementation. CPMAI Training and Certification is offered as either a three-day in-person training offered on-site at your organization for groups of 20+ or as a virtual self-paced course where individuals or small groups can sign up to accommodate your busy schedule.

What makes Cognilytica Training so special?

  • Vendor independent
  • End User focused
  • Content updated multiple times per year
  • AI & ML Project Management Focused
  • Provides the enterprise context
  • Offers detailed case studies
  • Worldwide proven, International training audience
  • Led by AI & ML thought leaders
  • Not too technical, not too high-level
  • Includes certification

Offered as both virtual self-paced course or as private, on-site training for groups of 20 or more!

How Does Cognilytica’s Training Compare?


Other Online TrainingVendor Training
Course Price
(Self-paced online, per person)



Certification & Exam Cost Included




Project-Management Focused

Training offered in person and online



Content Updated Many Times per Year



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