Government & Public Sector

by rschmelzer

Government and Public Sector agencies are at the forefront of AI adoption. Governments have made AI a priority seeing how it can improve lives, empower workers, increase national security, and help meet mission goals. And while AI remains a top priority, many leaders and implementers struggle to move AI from theory to reality. How do you ensure success on the road to AI?

Do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • How do I build support and buy-in for AI in my agency?
  • What are best practices methodologies for AI?
  • How do I reduce the risks inherent in adopting AI?
  • What is the vendor landscape?
  • What are other agencies and governmental groups doing?
  • What are examples of successes and failures in AI adoption in government?
  • How do I get my team up to date on the latest AI methodologies, terminology, and understanding?
  • How can I connect with my peers to stay up to date on best practices?


Cognilytica offers a variety of different options to fit all your organization’s needs around AI adoption, implementation, education, market research, and insight.

CogAccess: Research, Education, and Best Practices to Support your Team

Get access to industry leading research on AI, a library of education focused around AI and machine learning methodologies, best practices, and the opportunity to participate at regular roundtables with peers and colleagues.

For a fixed price optimized for easy procurement, CogAccess provides research and education for up to 10 people including:

  • Access to Cognilytica research on AI and ML markets, solutions, case studies, and best practices
  • Access to library of Online AI Education
  • Participation in Best Practices Round tables

Qualified Government and public sector customers get a 20% discount off the list price!

Custom Training and Workshops

Cognilytica’s CogAccess provides your agency with a variety of self-paced Education and workshops. However, if you’re interested in bringing Cognilytica analysts in (or online) for more customized education tailored to your specific needs, we offer education and workshops in a variety of formats to fit your agency needs and budget.

AI in Government Event Series

AI in Government brings together thought leaders in the public sector who are applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive technologies to a wide range of applications in the government sphere. The event is run as both an online, virtual experience as well as regular get-together opportunities. Participation in AI in Government is free for all those in the public sector, so make sure to check out the full details online.

Content and Insight to Enhance Your Understanding

In addition to the library of premium research and content provided with a CogAccess subscription, Cognilytica also offers a variety of complimentary content including infographics, podcasts, webinars, whitepapers, articles, and additional resources to help you get familiar with AI terminology, concepts, and to learn what’s possible.

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