CogAccess for Enterprises

by rschmelzer

Want access to industry leading research on AI, a library of education focused around AI and machine learning methodologies, best practices, and the opportunity to participate at regular roundtables with peers and colleagues? A CogAccess Research subscription is the best way to take advantage of the full library of research and education that Cognilytica has to offer.

Cognilytica helps your organization answer:

  • What are best practices methodologies for AI?
  • How do you reduce the risks inherent in adopting AI?
  •  How do you build support for AI in your organization?
  • How do vendor product strategies fit into your AI plans?
  • How can I educate my team on the latest AI and ML methods and solutions?
  • What organizational changes does AI introduce?
  • How do you avoid vendor lock-in?


Cognilytica offers a variety of different options to help with your AI-focused information, research, education, and best practices needs.

Accelerate your Success with AI: Education, Research, and Insight

Cognilytica’s CogAccess gives you access to the latest AI and machine learning education and training, industry-leading market research reports, government and industry case studies, participation in best practices roundtables and more to help you take your AI success to the next level.

Cost Effective and Immediate Value

CogAccess is a must whether you’re just beginning your journey or already on the road of implementation.

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    Access to ResearchAccess to online educationAdvisory with AnalystsParticipating in Round TablesMarketing and content opportunities

    What makes Cognilytica’s CogAccess so valuable?

    As part of your subscription you get access to all of the following:

    • Comprehensive AI and ML Market Research
        • Cognilytica industry reports and market research
        • Case study library with focus on implementations
        • Regular webinars and sessions providing deal intelligence
        • Market intelligence covering over 6000 AI vendors
    • Online AI and ML Education and Knowledge
        • Educational library to get you up to speed on AI concepts
        • Fundamentals of AI, Key AI patterns including Process Automation, Recognition, Predictive Analytics, Chatbots and Conversational systems, and more!
        • Self-paced, online education continuously updated
    • Participation in Roundtables 
      • Accelerate AI adoption, learn best practices and insight from peers and experts
      • Roundtables focus on helping you apply AI to various projects, walk through problems, help find solutions, and learn from peers and industry leaders

    How Does Cognilytica’s CogAccess Compare?


    Online TrainingIndustry Analysts
    Annual Price

    (For up to 10 people)


    Focused Exclusively on AI & ML

    Continuously updated full access, self-paced AI Education library

    Coverage of over 6,000 AI vendors and Real-World Case Studies

    Participation in Roundtables

    Industry focused case studies and use cases

    Cognilytica Advisory

    On top of our world-class research, you can add 1:1 advisory time with Cognilytica analysts to help with your specific needs. We offer a variety of different options to fit your specific budget and needs.

    Single-Session Advisory:

    • $1249 ad-hoc online advisory session. (2 hr limit)

    Monthly Advisory support:

    • $12,495 for 2 hours advisory per month (12 month contract).

    Unlimited phone Advisory:

    • $17,500 unlimited advisory for 12 months

    In-person Advisory:

    • $4,995 plus travel for one-day on-site advisory for locations within the US.

    (* Additional terms and conditions apply to advisory)

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