by rschmelzer

AI Demo Showcase

See the latest innovative AI Technology Demonstrated

Tired of boring presentations and webinars that talk about great AI technology but don't actually show it?

So are we!
AI Demo Showcase is a demo-style online event series by Cognilytica where entrepreneurs, techies, developers, designers, business people, and AI enthusiasts experience innovative AI and Cognitive Technology in a demo format. No boring presentations or speakers who drone on. This is a "show and tell" format that gathers thought leaders and companies focused on AI to share, learn, and grow.

AI Demo Showcase Featuring Carahsoft Solution Partners

Cognilytica is teaming with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, to produce the AI Demo Showcase. This 30-minute livestream / recorded program features product demos from Carahsoft’s extensive portfolio of the industry’s leading AI, machine learning and cognitive technology vendors.

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