Request a Briefing

Request a Briefing

Cognilytica regularly conducts briefings with technology vendors, professional services companies, and enterprise end-users on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related areas. Please fill out this request form as completely as possible so we can make sure we have all the information we need to evaluate your request and schedule a briefing with your firm.

What are Briefings for?

End Users:

We want to hear how you’re adopting and using AI and related technologies. Use briefings not only as a way of letting us know what you’re up to, but also asking us our feedback, advice, guidance, and thoughts on the market. All enterprise, government, and other end-user customers are entitled to one hour of free briefing time with Cognilytica analysts at no charge. Fill out the form to request a briefing and email us at to schedule a slot with us.

Professional Services Firms:

Are you helping enterprises and agencies implement AI? Do you think you have some unique approach, methodology, insight, or advantage over other firms that you’d like us to know about. Note that we don’t usually write about professional services firms in our research except in the context of vendor-specific reports. We DO however regularly recommend professional services firms to our various clients. If you’re a relevant professional services firm in the space, you are entitled to one thirty (30) minute briefing with us a year. Fill out the form to request a briefing and email us at to schedule a slot with us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cognilytica does not recommend or comment on any professional services firms that we have not had at least one briefing call with, and usually, we won’t recommend any professional services firms that we have not certified and who are not Cognilytica Access subscribers.


Do you have products or services or technology that you think would be interesting and valuable for our enterprise and agency audience? Do you want to let us know what you’re doing so you can be included in our research and advisory guidance? Do you want our feedback on the market and competitive assessment? If you’re a relevant vendor in the space, you are entitled to one thirty (30) minute briefing with us a year. Fill out the form to request a briefing and email us at to schedule a slot with us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cognilytica does not include any vendors in any of our reports that we have not had at least one phone briefing with. Why? Simple — our customers trust us for our advice and guidance. How can we provide advice and guidance if we have not even had direct contact with vendors that we discuss with them? We don’t care if the vendor is the largest tech company in the world with an infinite number of customers. If that vendor has not talked to us, they are not included in our research. No exceptions. In this way, you can trust Cognilytica for the reality of our research. We have legitimately talked to everyone that we cover at least once.


  1. The purpose of a briefing with Cognilytica analysts is to provide input into ongoing Cognilytica research and provide information we can share with our clients, subscribers, and the general community about the state of the AI markets.
  2. As such, all briefings are not under NDA, and anything disclosed will be used for research purposes communicated both internally and externally. Please do not disclose anything confidential, including any confidential customer names, on this briefing call. If you are a Cognilytica Access subscriber, we can have a further discussion with you after this briefing under the NDA available to active, paid subscribing clients.
  3. Briefings are recorded for note taking purposes. The recordings may be made available to the parties on the briefing call. Briefing recordings won’t be shared with others without prior consent. If you object to a recording of this call, please note that we may elect to not generate a briefing note and/or include you in any of our research coverage as we will not have a means to verify statements.
  4. Any slides used during a briefing call must be provided prior to the beginning of a briefing. Please make sure slides do not include confidential information.
  5. We do not share Cognilytica reports with non-Cognilytica Access subscribers, even if you have been included in those reports. We will share a watermarked version of a vendor-specific Briefing Note if we choose to write one about your firm.
  6. If we choose to write a Briefing Note about your firm:
    1. Briefing notes are not subject to any review or revision by clients except for material fact issues, which must be shown to be verifiably false. Ratings, rankings, positioning, and opinions of analysts are not subject to any review, dispute, or modification by client.
    2. Vendors profiled in the Briefing Note will have one week prior to publication to let Cognilytica analysts know of any material misstatements of fact. After that period, the Briefing Note will be published and will not subject to revision or removal.
    3. As a precondition of our writing a Briefing Note on your firm, you grant fair use of your company name and logo to Cognilytica in preparation and posting of the briefing note.