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Prompt Engineering Best Practices: Soft Skills [AI Today Podcast]


Generative AI is one of the most accessible forms of AI currently available. While in the past, you might have used AI without knowing it, you can use Generative AI purposefully in ways that have immediate and dramatic impact on your daily life. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer discuss what soft skills are necessary to get what we want out of Generative AI.

Why are soft skills important in the age of AI?

The great thing about Generative AI, is that it doesn’t require “hard skills”. Hard skills include programming, math, analytics skills, database and data engineering skills, or anything else that requires specific education and years of training. You don’t need to be an expert in math skills such as Statistics & Probability, Calculus or Linear Algebra to get value from using Generative AI. You also don’t need to be skilled in using different Data Visualization tools. Nor do you need to have knowledge of different algorithms & modeling skills.

Rather, we can use our existing “soft skills” of communication, planning, creativity, and critical thinking to get what we want out of Generative AI. No surprise, soft skills are incredibly important when it comes to effective prompting, since hard skills aren’t used at all when creating prompts that interact with Generative AI systems. In this episode we go into detail on why these soft skills are so important and how they help you get better at prompt engineering.

Show Notes:

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