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Document ID: CGBN113 | Last Updated: Feb. 8, 2018

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is poised to make significant strides is the area of IT processes. Like most business functions, IT operations has a wide range of processes needed to deal with all aspects of technology usage from provisioning, dealing with support incidents and tickets, handling unexpected outages, handling routine maintenance tasks, password resets, and anticipating and mitigating changes to the technology infrastructure that can have serious business impact. IPA tools can help by marrying the machine-to-machine capabilities of traditional IT Process Automation (ITPA) tools with the AI-enhanced capabilities of IPA to deal with systems that present human-oriented interfaces. The Ayehu offering is an “intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform” that leverages Machine Learning to provide process and workflow suggestions and dynamically create rule-based recommendations, insights and correlations, focused on IT and security operations and processes.

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