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Document ID: CGQT134 | Last Updated: May 23, 2018

Amper Music is a cloud based Artificial Intelligence (AI) music composer. It uses a range of AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to produce music tracks that are of commercial quality. The company’s solutions allow non-musical users to create, edit, and customize music according to the sentiment, emotion, and feeling desired for a piece based on music trained from prior examples. Amper Music is designed to help people who have no knowledge and training of music to create music like professionals do. Currently, anyone can sign up and create original music for free and with free license, as long as attribution for music credits is given to Amper Music. The algorithm embedded in Amper Music is the company’s primary trade secret. However, unlike other companies who are only using neural network to do AI, Amper Music has created a more efficient process. To achieve the fast deliverability speed, Amper Music combines neural network, hand tuned algorithm, and pre-processed lookup operations together to speed up the music generation process. The company offers a Simple mode of interaction as well as Pro levels for those who want more control over the end result.

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