AlphaSense Briefing Note



Document ID: CGBN149 | Last Updated: Jul. 20, 2018

Cognitive technologies are enabling content summarization and semantic search in ways not possible before with traditional big data approaches to information. Semantic search provides the ability for companies to process a very large amount of content and look for key information needles in data haystacks. Rather than just using keyword search, semantic search uses similar words or phrases used in appropriate contexts to uncover information that the knowledge worker might be interested in. Founded in 2011, AlphaSense utilizes cognitive technology to power their semantic search technology. The AlphaSense technology uses a blend of advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and augmented intelligence, AI-enabled business insight capabilities. The solution uses “smart synonyms”, a form of semantic similarity matching, so that customers can get a best-match search on related terms, even if not specifically stated in the search query. The company cites the ability for its clients to find critical information ten times faster than they would otherwise be able to perform and as a result, “find what everyone else is missing”.

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