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Overview of the Comprehensive Trustworthy AI Framework [AI Today Podcast]


In today’s fast paced landscape, AI has emerged as a transformative technology. It’s being used as an augmented intelligence tool to help people do their job and tasks better. AI is also being used to help people create content and art. It’s being used to make decisions, both big and small. Loan decisions, product recommendations, movie recommendations, and so much more. This begs the question: Why are trustworthy, ethical and responsible AI systems necessary? In this episode of the AI Today podcast we provide an overview of the comprehensive Trustworthy AI Framework.

How do I make AI more trustworthy?

For AI to have lasting positive impact, it must be done responsibly. After all, you don’t want to spend money, time, and resources only to not have your AI solution trusted or used. But, how do you make your AI systems more trustworthy? It’s important for all organizations who are using AI to come up with their own Trustworthy AI Framework. This framework should incorporate all 5 layers of Trustworthy AI. These layers include: Ethical AI, Responsible AI, Transparent AI, Governed AI, and Explainable AI. In this episode we go over each of these layers in greater detail. We also go over critical questions and topics you need to address in each layer.

What is a Trustworthy AI strategy?

If you’re looking to have your own Trustworthy AI strategy you should invest in the Trustworthy AI Framework Training & Certification. It offers the most comprehensive, vendor-neutral Trustworthy AI Training & Certification. Learn how to Build and Run Trustworthy AI Systems. Boost your credentials. Keep Your AI solutions, Organization, Customers, and Stakeholders Trustworthy. Advance your career. It helps you answer what are the Trustworthy AI regulations? As well as Why is AI untrustworthy and what you can do to gain trust. Learn more and register for the Trustworthy AI certification here.

Show Notes:

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