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Lowering Barriers to Entry for AI: Interview with Nuri Cankaya, Intel [AI Today Podcast]


As organizations continue to adopt AI the idea of innovation and sustainability are becoming important conversations. Intel wants to accelerate AI adoption by lowering barriers to entry for customers. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Nuri Cankaya. He is the VP of AI Marketing at Intel.

Nuri sheds light on the myriad challenges faced by companies as they navigate the integration of AI with real-world data. He also shares challenges organizations face with advanced analytics and AI projects as well as potential barriers to entry. AI is also be power hungry. Nuri shares how Intel provides AI-Powered solutions for a sustainable future and why this matters.

Additionally, it’s always important to learn from others, especially when it comes to AI. Nuri shares his advice for others as they run their data, analytics, and AI projects. He shares lessons learned and gotchas he’s seen from AI projects. And, Nuri ends with an inspiring note about what the future of AI is in general and its application to organizations and beyond.

This podcast was recorded as part of the AI Today @ SXSW 2024 podcast activation. This podcast is sponsored by Intel, the spark for the dreamers who do. They dream of a life with no diseases, of cleaner, greener, more reliable energy  of advancing education by bringing AI everywhere.  Intel is the spark to start something new. To know that no dream is too daring when you have the right foundation. It starts with Intel. Learn more at

Show Notes:

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