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Infographic: The Steps for an AI Project

How do you plan an AI project?

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Infographic: The Steps for an AI Project

How many Steps are in the Stepwise Approach to AI and Machine Learning?

How do you plan an AI project?

AI projects can be challenging, daunting, and scary, especially if you’ve never run an artificial intelligence or machine learning project before. Fortunately, there are proven, best practices approaches to running Artificial intelligence projects.

The Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) methodology provides key steps to follow for an AI project, using a best-practices, proven approach to AI project management that has seen significant success in enterprise, government, academic, consulting, and technology vendor implementations.

The CPMAI Methodology provides an AI project plan that guides organizations to AI project success following six AI project cycle stages or phases  that are followed on each project iteration:  

  • CPMAI Phase I: Business Understanding – “Mapping the business problem to the AI solution.”
  • CPMAI Phase II: Data Understanding – “Getting a hold of the right data to address the problem.”
  • CPMAI Phase III: Data Preparation – “Getting the data ready for use in a data-centric AI Project.”
  • CPMAI Phase IV: Model Development – “Producing an AI solution that addresses the business problem.”
  • CPMAI Phase V: Model Evaluation – “Determining whether the AI solution meets the real-world and business needs.”
  • CPMAI Phase VI: Model Operationalization – “Putting the AI solution to use in the real-world, and iterating to continue its delivery of value:”

Do you want to know more about the steps for an AI project?

Dig deeper in our Step by Step Approach to AI Projects article.

You can also learn more about CPMAI and join the thousands of certified data and AI project management professionals who are continuing to learn, grow, and thrive in their AI and data project management role and career.

AI project managers and those looking for an AI Project methodology should sign up for CPMAI certification on our site and get started today!

CPMAI training and certification provides not only certification in the AI development process but also workbooks, guides, and an AI project template for use on your projects.

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