INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways AI is Improving the Job Search and Hiring Process

Artificial Intelligence can be used to help streamline, speed up, and make more efficient many aspects of the job search and hiring process.  Will your next interview be conducted by a robot? Will you use AI technologies to help you find your next employee or screen potential job candidates? We think that’s just around the corner, if not already here today.  In this infographic Cognilytica explores 8 different ways in which AI is improving the job search and hiring process.

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IQ Bot is a cognitive solution that leverages AI to learn from human behavior and to bring structure to unstructured data. IQ Bot leverages Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to detect critical hidden information and structures it in ways that can be processed by other bots and applications to dramatically reduce the need for human involvement.

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