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How AI will Re-imagine Air Travel: Interview with Bernadette Berger, Alaska Airlines [AI Today Podcast]


AI is helping to re-imagine experiences of all sorts, including air travel. At the 2024 SXSW Conference and Festivals Bernadette Berger, who is Director of Innovation at Alaska Airlines presents on “The Sky’s the Limit: How AI will Re-imagine Airports”. In this episode of the AI Today podcast hosts and AI thought leaders Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer have the opportunity to interview Bernadette.

How is AI transforming the aviation industry?

Transforming industries, especially ones that have been around for a long time, is not always easy. Yet, AI is transforming the aviation industry and passenger experience in some profound ways. From facial recognition technology to help identify passengers to predictive analytics to help with logistics and routing, aviation and travel are already seeing the benefits of AI. Additionally, if you add personalized digital assistants and real-time navigation airports will become fully accessible and immersive hubs for travel, retail and entertainment. Bernadette shares with our listeners what this AI-enabled vision will look like.

How is AI affecting the airline industry?

Already impacting passenger and customer experiences, AI is only going to continue to have an impact. Bernadette provides examples of what’s currently happening and how AI will continue to transform these experiences in the future. But, with any technology the good comes with its challenges. Bernadette shares how AI will Re-imagine Air Travel. She also shares some of the challenges with AI adoption within the transportation industry. And, what can be done to help with these challenges both now and in the future.

This podcast was recorded as part of the AI Today @ SXSW 2024 podcast activation. This podcast is sponsored by Intel, the spark for the dreamers who do. They dream of a life with no diseases, of cleaner, greener, more reliable energy  of advancing education by bringing AI everywhere.  Intel is the spark to start something new. To know that no dream is too daring when you have the right foundation. It starts with Intel. Learn more at

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