Market Research

Market-level research on application, use cases, and comparative research on the state of AI adoption in the industry. Focusing on real-world adoption of AI technology and cutting-edge application.

Deep Engagement Opportunities

Connect with peers, industry leaders, experts, and influential practitioners at subscriber-only exclusive workshops, events, and seminars aimed at advancing the state of your AI adoption.

Advisory with Knowledgeable Experts

Get access to knowledgeable research analysts that spend their time immersed in the world of AI implementation and adoption.

Cutting through the Hype by Focusing on Adoption

These days it seems that every technology company and big Information Technology (IT) user is doing something with Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. But how can you tell the real-world implementations from the experiments, proof-of-concept, prototype, or just marketing hype? Cognilytica cuts through the noise to identify what is really happening with adoption and implementation of AI in public, private, and academic settings. We focus on the usage of AI in the real world, not the buzzword hype.

Research through Conversation

We generate our research through direct conversation with industry thought-leaders, technology practitioners, and business decision-makers. We ignore the press releases and skip the hype to generate unique, original research through direct engagement.

We Offer Many Ways to Engage our Analysts

Cognilytica analysts publish research reports, whitepapers, and briefing notes at regular intervals that are available to our annual subscribers as well as for one-off purchase. Cognilytica offers advisory time with analysts on-site or at CAIC center locations in daily or hourly increments. Analysts are also available for commissioned research projects, whitepapers for internal or external consumption, and speaking engagements at client events or public conferences. If you have an AI market intelligence or research need that can be fulfilled with our industry knowledge, body of research, methodology, and expertise, Cognilytica analysts are available to assist.