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Governed AI Concepts [AI Today Podcast]


Anyone looking to use and/or develop AI systems need ways that maintain trust, provide visibility and transparency, and utilize processes and methods that can provide greater oversight and accountability for potent AI systems that need to address – the layers of trustworthy AI. In this episode of the AI Today podcast Cognilytica thought leaders Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer go over the Governed AI layer of the Cognilytica Trustworthy AI Framework.

What is governing AI?

At a high level, AI governance is a set of ethical principles that focus on aspects of process and control to provide predictable and reliable interaction with AI systems. It also addresses the ability to audit and monitor AI systems, and potential third-party regulation or certification of systems.

Governed AI Layer

The governed AI layer of trustworthy AI addresses your practices & processes for managing our AI systems. This includes addressing how you audit, measure, regulate, guide, secure, and provide processes for your AI systems.

In this episode we go over governed AI concepts including the main elements of governed AI layer, Creating an AI Audit Trail, and AI System Controls.

Show Notes:

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