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Digitalization has become the forefront of economic change and prosperity. No more of old school legacy systems as governments have progressed with technology reforms to achieve operational excellence by providing the best state of the art public sector services to the end users.

Saudi Arabia is no different than any progressing economy. Ever since the launch of the National Vision 2030, the Kingdom has highlighted eight key deliverable themes which has to be achieved as part of the National Vision. To fulfil these themes, a National Transformation Program was launched to establish the infrastructure to achieve “Vision 2030” ambition and requirements.

The Government DX Summit brings together strategic leaders from Saudi Arabia’s public sector and abroad to share their experiences on the digital journey and how achieving operational excellence in the public sector matters to citizen’s satisfaction and economic prosperity.

The summit will address the greatest challenges and opportunities for Saudi Arabia and governments by providing insights on:

• ROI in DX – Adapting digital transformation across all strategic levels
• Achieving Operational Excellence – Providing Errorless and Efficient Public Service
• Digital Skills – Embracing a recurring culture to develop digital talent pool
• Customer Experience – Responding customers feedback to increase effectiveness of government entities to ensure the best citizen experience
• Improving Productivity – Creating a stimulating work environment and raising efficiency of human capital
• Enhance Transparency – Increase the trust of beneficiaries in the performance of government sectors and services
• Transforming relations between the private and public sector for better quality of life
• Leveraging data for better public services and assessing the Return on Data Investment
• Investing in the Right digital technologies to boost public services and achieve the National Vision 2030
• Adapting to change by transforming into an AI Powered Society
• Preventing and combatting cyber threats for a secured public service across the Kingdom
• Developing a Blockchain Laboratory and Innovation Labs

For more information about the event, visit http://govdx.biiconferences.com or call 971 4 229 7955

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